Are Polaroids Really THAT Important Anymore?


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So, I popped into my agency M+P Models today to take some updated polaroids by their new intern Sally after not having taken any for “a hot minute” (UK translation… bloody ages)!!!!

A not-so-secret, secret is that most models (myself included) tend to hate taking updated polaroids.

This is primarily because being constantly scrutinised over your naturally fluctuating bodies by clients, agents and peers isn’t such a great confident boost at times ( alas most of time said scrutiny is usually inside our own heads ). But personally for me, and being quite frank, I dislike taking new polaroids because I find the whole thing so incredibly awkward.

You’d think doing this for a living would make it less cringey for me but nnnope.

In the modelling industry regularly updated polaroids are very crucial to the development of your career and whether you like it or not, the longer you run from doing them the higher your chance of not being booked for upcoming lucrative projects will be.

Clients need to see new polaroids so that they can see that you still look like…. well, YOU.

As Cindy Crawford famously said in her 2015 memoir Becoming , “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford!”.

Essentially, “polaroids” are just a method of ensuring that the respective retouchers within your 25 page portfolio haven’t been a little too heavy handed on the blur and liquify tool and you are as striking in real life as those crisp pages!

But I couldn’t help but wonder with more and more “models” direct booking huge campaigns from their highly facetuned selfies via their rigorously constructed Instagram profiles, and rapidly growing follower/subscribers; are polaroids even that important anymore?

Is the day of the supermodel truly over where natural beauty and talent is triumphed over association or bloodline?

The industry is changing so fast and it’s interesting to see where it will be in three years but I don’t think the face of modelling will resemble anything like the Naomi, Cindy, Christy and Tyra days ever again…

Without any more rambling, below are my newly updated unretouched Afro hair polaroids…

I’ll probably shoot some polaroids soon with straight hair as well as I like to show my versatility so clients know I am a chameleon, but for now, here are these babies:


With France’s new law banning excessively thin fashion models from working in the capital now coming into effect, which entails models being required to provide doctor certified medical note proving that they are indeed in optimum health and are not severely below their BMI (body mass index), it has got me thinking… could these “skinny laws” really work especially when it is the designers who are making these teeny tiny sample sizes so fit a certain type of frame?

Although I believe this is an incredibly positive move for the modelling industry as it ensures that male and female models’ physical health are being meticulously monitored, I can’t help but wonder whether the same concentration and importance will also be implemented in regards to monitoring a model’s mental health and wellbeing

As I’m sure we all know, the two can be very tightly interlinked.


As a lot of people do, I too am someone who, at times deals with depression & anxiety which can also be affected by my work (whether I am working regularly or not). I think it would be more helpful if these mental health issues are brought to the forefront and dealt with head on. If the topic of mental health is taken seriously then maybe conditions such a anorexia / bulimia could be able to be handled more effectively…

Thank God, I have never suffered with anorexia or bulimia but I know there are a lot of people in the world (and possibly in your friendship circle) who do. It’s time we look to the culprit and not the victim. 

/ What are your thoughts on the new law banning excessively thin models from working in France? /Do you think it’ll work? /Are you happy about the change? /