buddha bar london discreet muse food review

Buddha Bar London, Knightsbridge



Based in Knightsbridge, a stone’s throw away from the legendary department store Harrods, Pan-Asian restaurant Buddha Bar London became my latest dining experience this past week. Having previously been a novice to eating Sushi in a restaurant environment, I also managed to tick another feat off of my metaphorical “first time list”.  Which I must admit (and this is coming from an avid meat eater) I finally understand what the hype surrounding this cosmopolitan delicacy is all about.


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Though dressed rather modest externally, tucked away behind small glass revolving doors on a busy main road, Buddha Bar London boasts an aesthetically mesmerising Asian inspired décor that makes you feel like a million bucks as you feast away. Once inside, you are instantly met to an equally modest cloakroom and reception desk. There I was greeted by staff who checked my reservation and proceeded to guide me up a small staircase to the table where my friend Tracy was waiting for me.


I had been about 35 minutes late – she, despite her beaming smile, was not too impressed with me! Lol

buddha bar london discreet muse food review

Here is when my eyes first feasted upon the restaurant in all of its undressed exquisiteness and galore. Large chandeliers, high ceilings and pure glitz from every angle. I would never have thought such a restaurant existed inside the walls of such a building. The dimly lit swish restaurant managed to capture the evening vibe perfectly with the warm tones of red, orange, gold and splashes of purple throughout the venue. It was the perfect juxtaposition to the fairly miserable and downright grim torrential weather occurring outside.

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Our glasses were soon topped up with some bubbly while we chatted away and awaited our first dish to arrive. In no time at all, the “Sushi Moriawase” (£47.50) was chauffeured to our table along with my arch nemesis, “chopsticks (I’ve never been a fan or competent at using them) which is when I realised I was going to have to put on my big girl panties and eat without a fork because I sure as hell was not going to ask for one.


But sure as eggs is eggs, I wasn’t too bad this time around.


*Dusts shoulder*


After making a small toast and sipping our effervescent champers, we excitedly tucked into the intricately decorated dish which almost looked too pretty to eat, almost. The “Sushi Moriawase” is generously comprised of 10 varied pieces of Nigiri and a Maki roll. By the time we had both worked our way around the plate, we were pleasantly surprised that we enjoyed every last bit of this light but incredibly filling meal despite being rookies to the “chopstick game”. As I have previously mentioned in my older reviews, I am a huge foodie so when looking at the plate at first I didn’t think the amount given would have been enough to satisfy both mine and Tracy’s appetites, but it sure did.


Alas, as the greedy guts we are (I AM) we didn’t stop there….


C’MORN ! It was simply just too delicious not to sample a few more dishes…


Next, we were referred by our waitress to order the “Spicy Mango”, which included 8 pieces of King Crab with Prawn Tempura and “Spicy Mango Sauce (£23.50). Admittedly, although this was a nice dish it didn’t really hit a chord with me and wasn’t much or a challenger to its predecessor. The mango was definitely a nice addition to offset the King Prawn filled Maki Rolls and I loved the crunchy consistency of the finale piece on either side, however I probably wouldn’t order that particular dish again.


Nice, but not entirely memorable.


Lastly, dessert was looking mighty alluring so we gave in to temptation and enlisted the help of the Chocolate Caramel and Salted Sesame Bar with Vanilla Ice Cream” (£10.50) to share.

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We even managed to wangle an extra scoop for free! 😛

Personally, this wasn’t the best choice, especially as initially I wanted to go with the “Chocolate Fondant with Green Tea Ice Cream” (£10.50) (dribbles), but Tracy wasn’t feeling it. The sesame bars were quite small in size and the texture was similar to that of a Kit Kat bar but with more layers. The salted caramel flavour had quite a strong tang therefore, in my humble opinion ice cream is a must have in order to finish the dessert without the sharp aftertaste left in your mouth.

Without being too critical of the dessert, though it wasn’t exactly to my liking, it is a good choice for those looking to try something a little different instead of opting for the standard, predictable dessert options such as pudding, a slice of cake or perhaps ice cream.


Sidenote: Tracy actually thought the “Chocolate Caramel and Salted Sesame Bar” was a great dessert so different horses, I suppose…

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Although I allowed my greed to get ahead of me this time, (lol, guilty!) I did thoroughly enjoy my experience at Buddha Bar London. The customer service was faultless and very helpful in answering our queries about the menu. The food, although towards the end was a bit hit and miss due to my own personal preference, was made to perfection and I could tell they pride themselves with making sure each customer feels as though they are sampling delicate morsels of art.


In conclusion, would I return? Hell Yes!


Whether it be by the bar enjoying another glass of Champagne or a couple of cocktails or even dining again with a friend or perhaps date, Buddha Bar London has definitely solidified itself on my list of atmospheric restaurants to have a rendezvous for a special occasion.

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buddha bar london discreet muse food review



The Bottle of Champagne and Sushi Moriawase was courtesy of INTOapp.