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Matilda Mae Wyman @ Storm Management

The petite 5’7 Matilda Mae Wyman, was the 2nd Storm Management Model I shot with after agreeing with her bookers that I would officially begin developing their New Faces. 

When sitting down with Matilda prior to shooting with her, we had a little chat, getting to know her and also how long she had been a model. She told me till only quite recently and it wasn’t something she had thought about before. Matilda then explained how initially she had interned for Storm Management before signing with them. It was just before the end of her internship when she was asked by one of the bookers if it would be okay to take some polaroids of her. And then, as the saying goes, the rest was history…

There’s a little tip for you aspiring models out there, sometimes the way INto an agency is from the INside! 😉

This doe-eyed beauty was a little unsure of herself and what to do at first as our shoot was one of her first  however after a bit of guidance she was able to get into the swing of things and achieve the mood desired for the shot. Seeing how Storm Management had portrayed her online portfolio thus far, in true #DiscreetMuse style, I wanted to create a completely different look for her; a look whereby her agency would be able see her in a completely  different light.

I am incredibly happy Storm loved the images as much as I do as I think Matilda truly shines. Storm Management even made one of my images her portfolio cover photo and dotted a few more of my images throughout her portfolio!

*Here’s a Fun Fact about Matilda Mae Wyman: Bill Wyman, the bassist and founding member from The Rolling Stones is her father! How cool is it that!? I’d sing my”Papa was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations all the time if I was her lol!* 

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Hair and Make Up // @Giselle_MakeUp 

Clothing provided by // @TickTockVintage

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