Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation April Alexander

Charlotte Tilbury, Me and the “Magic Foundation”


The spellbinding “Magic Foundation” by Celebrity Make up Artist Charlotte Tilbury is the foundation that everyone is talking about and guess who got to be the face for her Beauty Campaign?!

First things first, I must say I was super nervous about Charlotte Tilbury‘s Magic Foundation Campaign coming out because just like most women I don’t have the most perfect skin and the prospect of showing the world and social media my bare face made me recoil in absolute horror. Especially when it was revealed that the Campaign would NOT be Photoshopped in either the Campaign images or Advertising Campaign video!

CUE:- Mini Panic Attack!

– The Casting –

When I was sent the Casting information via my agency this included the Job Role, Time, Date, Location, point of contact and whether it is a Generic Casting or in this case a Request Casting. With Request Castings you never know how selective the client will be when it comes to inviting which models they want from various agencies to attend the Casting. It could be anything between either  one, two models or even about 20+ waiting in line. I was very excited about casting for Charlotte Tilbury as she has worked with all the Top Supermodels in the world, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone and Jourdan Dunn, to name a few. Since I had been struggling with my skin for a while due to stresses from University, Friendships, Relationships and pretty much just LIFE, I had become a pro at concealing my blemishes and making my skin appear clear, glowing and most importantly healthy without hindering my chances of booking lucrative Campaigns.

Once I arrived at the casting I noticed a bevy of models lined up inside the office, some sitting others standing, but most looking a tad forlorn. And then I saw it, they were handing out face wipes to remove any make up we models had on to show our bare face to the client. I thought to myself, “SH*T!, well I guess I’m not getting this job then!” I mean, which beauty campaign features a model with blemished skin? I instantly thought I was doomed and I felt utterly defeated. Yet again, one more thing my skin is holding me back from, I thought to myself.

As I sat there bare faced, palms sweaty as I sat amidst these pure and clear faced beauties to my left and right as one of the make up artist started applying Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation to my skin, I noticed the Casting Director quizzically staring at my face from across the room. In my head I thought she was looking at my face like “Oh gosh, why is she here?!” but as we now know, it was probably because she saw how well my skin literally transformed with the application of the Magic Foundation. The Casting Director then sat me down and spoke to me about my skin, previous work and which foundation I currently use. After that she then took some polaroids of me make up free, wished me a good day and then I left feeling like I had “muffed that up!” To my surprise (and confusion) a few days later I was told by my agents I was booked for the Campaign!

– 15 Shades of Imperfect Beauty –

What I love most about this Campaign is that not only does it celebrate women of all skin complexions by being available in 15 shades but it also celebrates women with different skin woes. The Magic Foundation is specifically targeted at women with dark under eyes, Acne Scarring, Thread Veins, Dermatitis, Birthmarks or Hyper-Pigmentation; the latter being my personal vice. I thinks it’s brilliant that in a time where unrealistic ideologies of a “perfected beauty” triumph’s over realistic ones in the mainstream media both off and online, that we finally have a conscious Make up brand that reassures us that our skin may not be where we would like it right now, but with or without the use of their foundation our skin is beautiful before AND beautiful after application.

Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury April Alexander

I think we can all agree on what a positive message Charlotte Tilbury is promoting!

What sets Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation Campaign apart from other Beauty Campaigns on the market is that they are promoting the foundation as an enhancer, as opposed to a cover up! The average woman doesn’t want to be told by a huge corporation (that uses beautiful models with “no imperfections” to front their Campaign’s) that what she has naturally is not beautiful enough and that she needs to do something to rectify it.

Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury April AlexanderCharlotte Tilbury, on the other hand aims to remind us women that we mustn’t use make up as a mask by hiding behind it, but rather as reminder that which ever way we choose to look, we are beautiful; as cliché as that may sound. The foundation itself has powerful concealing properties which leaves the skin looking and feeling seamless, weightless and absolutely flawless. For someone like myself, who at times suffers from stress and anxiety, the result showing in the health of my skin, to find a natural looking foundation that doesn’t require layer upon layer to appear unblemished is exactly what I had been looking for.

– Shooting the Campaign

I arrived on set, greeted all of the team and noticed two of the models I knew personally,  Annaliese Dayes and Gabriella Riggon, had also been booked for the campaign shoot too which meant we could have a little sneaky catch up. All models were asked to arrive make up free which is pretty much standard for modelling jobs. I thought this was because they wanted to apply the make up and start shooting as soon as possible, but oh how I was wrong. I was told that they were aiming to “Break The Internet” with our Before and After images “Kim Kardashian style”, so as you can imagine terror set in.

All I could think about was the possibility that I was going to turn into a nasty meme about why “You Need to Take Women Swimming on First Dates” or that women are “Sorcerers (of Make Up)”; the horrid make up shaming posts are endless. It’s only more recently being make up free and embracing your natural beauty has been promoted in a positive light on social media by the trending topic created by NikkieTutorials entitled #ThePowerofMakeUp.

Charlotte and her team tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible, although I wanted nothing more than to run away than being barefaced in front of the camera. Let me be clear, I was 100% confident in my ability to perform and give Charlotte and her brand that pizzaz it needed, however where I faltered was my waining confidence in my naked skin. In hindsight, apart from my being fabulous lol my insecurity regarding my hyper-pigmentated skin was probably the transparency the brand was looking for as many of the models, in my opinion had fairly clear skin and beamed about how they loved their face make up free when I expressed the complete opposite.

Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury April Alexander

There is a popular preconceived idea that all models are perfect in every which way and have egos as big as mountains; which is not always the case. Being a model and not being “perfect” is sometimes very damaging especially as there is so much pressure and expectation for you to be nothing less than impeccable; be it your skin, your hair or your  body. Just like most women, I have been a product junkie desperately trying to get the most perfect, clear and beautiful skin, by using endless amounts of premium skincare in the hopes that it would “cure” or “fix” my hyper-pigmentation but sometimes less is more.

 I’m living proof you don’t have to be “perfect” to be the face of a Beauty Campaign – you just have to be YOU!

I have since come to realise that the only way to clear my skin is using nothing but 100% natural products with minimal to no chemicals. But most importantly Time, Persistence, Patience and a little less worrying usually does wonders for the skin (which is much easier said than done). Even beauty blogger Jennie Jenkins, aka BeautyByJJ who also has hyper-pigmented skin, (and has worked with Charlotte Tilbury on her Magic Foundation video Campaign) affirms this in her latest skin update Youtube video.

Before & After using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 

As you can see from the above images taken last week, my complexion has come such a long way since shooting this campaign last year, it’s been a difficult journey but I’m absolutely loving the skin I’m in at the moment. I have finally found a skincare regime that works for me and if you’re interested in knowing what I use, drop me a line and I’ll share the products and my routine with you in a later Skincare post.

As the saying goes, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!”

Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury April AlexanderUltimately, I genuinely love what Charlotte Tilbury’s product line stands for and despite having an ambitious title for the foundation, insisting that it works like or is magic, it actually lives up to its name. The coverage is near perfect and aesthetically the packaging is luxurious, well thought out and looks great on show in your bedroom.

If anyone is looking to purchase Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation you can do so by clicking here, and if you are wondering which foundation I wore in the campaign the Shade is number 10!

And finally, thank you Charlotte for choosing me as one of your many gorgeous models to front such an uplifting Beauty Campaign! It was truly a great experience to be part of a movement that encourages women to find the MAGIC within themselves in spite of their imperfections!

“What would be your Magic Foundation wish?”

  Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Commercial