Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation April Alexander

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Commercial


Watch Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation Commercial featuring me, April Alexander looking rather sassy, sultry and seductive! haha!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation was my first time shooting a Beauty Commercial and it was a pretty cool experience but also an emotional day for me. Being on set barefaced, showing off all of my imperfections and blemishes in front of such a large team, HD camera’s and bright lights was absolutely nerve wracking but after I got over that fear I rocked it! It actually took me a long while to drum up the courage to watch this video because I thought my make up free face would look hideous but I truly think the team and DOP made all of us women look gorgeous and was so beautifully lit.

This campaign celebrates women of all skin tones and ages with and without make up, telling us make up should never cover up our beauty but instead should enhance it.

Discreet Muse Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation April Alexander

“Beautiful Before, Beautiful After” 

P.s Did I mention this video was 0% PHOTOSHOPPED! eek!

Read more about my experience HERE!

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