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Redemption Bar, Shoreditch


Messy alcohol-fuelled night the evening before? In dire need of sincere way to apologise to yourself for your indulgent behaviour since (and let’s be honest, well before) the New Year? Then the unconventional vegan-friendly, meat, gluten and (shock-horror) alcohol-free restaurant bar “Redemption” might just be what the Doctor ordered.

Warning – it actually isn’t as mundane as it may sound!

With a motto like “Spoil yourself, without spoiling yourself” you know you’re in for a treat, right? 100% right! Redemption restaurant/bar’s health-conscious vegan dishes and magnetic mocktails had me salivating just by the look of them. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was that my usual craving for meat and a delightful evening tipple had dispersed as I embarked on a rather scrumptious night of emancipation from all things carnivorous and naughty.

Redemption’s latest location, which launched earlier this month, is situated just a stones throw away from Old Street Station within the heart of Shoreditch and promises to emulate the massive success of its sister restaurant in Notting Hill which opened its doors last year.

Following their string of pop-ups in 2013 dotted around London, Redemption was given the go-ahead by investors after a surprisingly positive turn out from Londoners who seemed to welcome the influx of new vegan restaurants springing up all over the city.

Shoreditch Redemption Bar Restaurant Discreet Muse

Though the crowd at the new Shoreditch restaurant are nothing like the Notting Hill flagship; which is more suited to 30 something yoga-bunnies, yummy mummies and stylish Casanovas – the vibe is just the same. Relaxing, cosy but not too claustrophobic; though I was a little surprised at how intimate the space inside the restaurant was.

With its on trend location and even trendier décor featuring work by the artist who has curated all of Tracey Emin’s artwork; the marble topped tables, second hand furniture and snazzy neon “Redemption” welcome sign serve as a real mish-mash of all things unpretentiously cool.

As we all know, presentation is EVERYTHING and Redemption seem to have this art down to a T especially when it comes to their dishes and mocktails. All of which I’m certain would make any social media lover desperate to post an artsy photo of their meal hash tagging #LifestyleGOALS or creating “inspo” board’s to give their followers a severe case of FOMO.

Did I mention some of their drinks are served in cutesy Jam Pots?! – J’adore!

Though you may think that by being situated in the rapidly growing and gentrified area of Shoreditch may push up the price for a drink and dine experience, you can be well assured that this is one particular trend Redemption does not follow. Thankfully the prices reflect the usual pocket friendly alcohol-free menus in and around London, with prices ranging between £4.00 – £6.00 meanwhile their flavoursome dishes come in at a reasonable £8.00-£15.00 without compromising on taste.

Redemption’s USP’s is that their food is strictly sourced locally, cruelty free to animals and encompasses a diverse menu that is ever morphing, which means no two experiences will be the same; making each sitting that bit more impressive and exclusive.

Not to mention their inventive recipes are a refreshing change to the majority of the overloaded meat feast restaurants in the area.

What about portion sizes?” I hear you say! Well, reminiscent of Goldilocks’ infamous saying – they aren’t too big or small but just right. So even if you do want to gorge on all that they have to offer you won’t walk away feeling bloated, uncomfortable or have that riddled feeling of guilt like how we all do after we’ve tucked into a greasy Maccy D burger. Sounds like a winner to me!

As my sister and I weren’t overly famished that evening, we decided to share a few dishes instead. For our main course we went for the incredible “Shiitake, Porcini & Chestnut Mushroom Barlotto” and “Roasted Pumpkin coated in cashew & gamasio with horseradish Guacamole“, both being perfect sharer sizes.


For our non-alcoholic evening delight, I opted for the “Coco-tini” mock-tini which is a concoction of Coconut water and mixed berries shaken (not stirred) over ice with a hint of lime. Whereas my sister went for the strong tasting “Beet-o-tini” which is Fresh home-made beetroot juice, mixed with orange juice, lime and coconut water over ice.


Former Brand Director at Virgin and Founder of Redemption, Catherine Salway, already has an impressive list of attendees having dined tee-total at her restaurant citing Sarah Jane Crawford and Made in Chelsea socialites as just a few – but admits her ideal diners would be The McCartney’s or the multi-millionaire tycoon family, The Bransonsobviously when they aren’t too busy sunning themselves on Necker Island.

Jealous much?!

With Salway confessing to FEMAIL writer Sarah Barns, that Redemption is a lifestyle she aspires to but not necessarily one she lead’s at the moment, she reminds us that we don’t have to be a vegan-fanatic to enjoy a guilt-free treat every now and again. Which ALSO means we definitely don’t have to goodbye to our rare beloved (calorific) Cheat Days…who am I kidding, everyday is a Cheat Day!

#NeedRedemption like me? Go to Redemption, Shoreditch.

 Discreet Muse xo