Adel Rootstein x TopShop & Me!

Well Kinda…lol

A couple Sunday’s ago, my friend Tracy and I were walking down Oxford Street after coming back from a Christmas service at Hillsong in Tottenham Court Road when we stopped in front of TopShop looking at the window display and I said to Tracy;

Oh wow! Look! They have a black mannequin in the window, that’s so cool!”

After staring for a little while I squinted my eyes and started this think, ‘hmm, that face looks a little like mine…‘ I even asked Tracy if she thought that mannequin looked like me before I was really sure haha!

It was such an amazing feeling walking down the street and seeing “myself” or even a “black mannequin” in the window of such a well renown retailer as you don’t really get to see differing mannequin ethnicities in window displays, especially in Central London.

Adel Rootstein West Kensington London April Alexander

For those that don’t know, nearly 3 years ago I was booked to work with the world’s leading Mannequin design company Adel Rootstein to sit for their new collection entitled “POP”. Rootstein create and distribute some of the worlds finest bespoke and most aesthetically realistic mannequins worldwide and also for luxury department stores such as Harrods, Debenhams & Selfridges and even high street brands like TopShop.

All mannequins, including mine, are made by hand by their exquisitely talented sculptors out of large masses of clay.

The construction of my face took around a week to complete, whereas my body took around 3 weeks!

I had to get into a specific pose (preferably comfortable but interesting shape) that I would have to keep for two hours per shift with a few tea and biscuit breaks in between. Stephen, the sculptor for my mannequins, would grab big clumps of clay that he would build and mould my body and face out of – all with no assistance, only by hand and a keen eye.

I was so shocked when I saw the final result because the mannequin looked exactly like me – flaws and all!

To view the full “POP collection” I am featured in for Adel Rootstein >> click here << I have two mannequin’s entitled “POP08” and “POP10“.

Kevin Arpino, the creative force behind Adel Rootstein, had told me that my mannequins would most likely go into some window displays but he didn’t know exactly when as it depends on the clients collections and also the demand.

So stumbling across my mannequin the way I did, totally unexpected, was a pleasant surprise as I had completely forgotten about the job because we completed the mannequins such long time ago. It was, however so wonderful to finally come face to face with my finalised mannequin, being shown off in it’s full glory in the December 2015 TopShop  Oxford Street’s window display.

“Look Mum! I’m in TopShop! lol!”

April Alexander Adel Rootstein

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