Summertime in England is unfortunately coming to end, (I say Summertime very loosely because in Britain we only have about 2 weeks of real sunshine the rest is humid, sticky or rainy weather, yay!) and what better say to welcoming our impending Autumnal weather than to reminisce about the times when I could feel heat on my face and not condensation. Yes, I looked at the weather forecast for this week and I cried inside a little but remembered when nearly 4 weeks ago I was prancing around in next to nothing at Lovebox! <3

Known to Londoners as one of the most “convenient” festivals probably due to its “door step” location of  Victoria Park in East London , Lovebox has definitely become a seasoned favourite for many festival-goers during its 13 year succession. I first heard about Lovebox from my sister who had been there few summers before after having had a really chill time, revelling in the notion of a hot shower and your own bed afterwards; one of the privileges you’re denied when going to most of these types of festivals.

Think mud,  soggy sleeping bags, buckets and baby wipes! – “Yikes!” #FrankOceanVoice

Being probably the most pocket friendly festival to attend in England (£75 for an early bird weekend pass) I can’t say that the cheapo price didn’t influence Tracy and I’s decision to make Lovebox a sort of annual tradition during our summer break because let’s be honest, it almost definitely did! C’mon, this is supposed to be a judgement free zone here! Butttt Lovebox does have some of the best international acts and homegrown talent grace its main stage and rave tents year in, year out which was obviously a major factor too ;). I’m soooo here for the transcending artistry, guys! Nevertheless, we have always managed to have a wicked experience, now and also back when it was still a three day festival (the third being “Gay Day“).

Our sun filled days consisted of the norm, y’know tent hopping, shot backing, politely but sternly declining MDNA gin and tonic’s and forgetting “stranger danger” and bonding with drunk merry festival goers, ending up as bff’s by the end of the weekend and vying to  “hang out, soon“. Totally happened.

DSC_4156 edited

This time around, Lovebox was a mixed bag of liquorice and strawberry shoe laces for me. I definitely enjoyed myself in spite of the lacklustre line up ( It wasn’t as strong as last year IMO ) but more so because the easygoing, friendly, fun vibe and innate charm Lovebox seems to bring each year. I bumped into loads of people I know/knew which was a really nice surprise but also made me realise I either know far too many people or the world is getting smaller and smaller.

“Hi, my name is April and I guess I’m a little bait now.” 🙁 

Apart from having a day of recurrent “This is Your Life” moments (lol) Tracy, Huma and I slalomed through the park not staying at one particular tent for too long and decided to go where the mood or baseline took us! We then met up with my friend Jessye who was over at the Corona tent supporting her dad Jazzie B as he effortlessly served up a mixture of new and old skool chunes making these relatively newbie disc jockeys look very amateur.

My favourite Lovebox moments were witnessing Action Bronson punch a fan in the face and throw him off stage at the 1Xtra tent, swaying psychedelically to Flume‘s immaculate DJ set, vibsing to SHY FX and nearly getting dragged into a mosh pit and not to mention witnessing Tracy bump into a guy she’d matched with on Tinder and realising that he was a bit of a minger in real life (lol).

Thank you to @BohemianTats for sending me some faux tattoos to jazz up my look on the day! <3 Check them out!

Thank you to @BohemianTats for sending me some faux tattoos to jazz up my look on the day! <3 Check them out!

Moments like those I will definitely cherish.

Moments I won’t however, was Snoop Doggs lazy, less that headlining performance on the main stage (ending his set 20 minutes early and NO ENCORE – how rude!).

I mean, he’s The Doggfather! What’s happened Snoop DEE-OH-DOUBLE-GIZZY?!

Something about his performance made me feel like he isn’t really in it for the music anymore. Just another paycheque? Rudimental’s set was just all over the place and boring and most people, ourselves included, ended up leaving half way through their set because the feedback from the speakers was unbearable (which subsequently led to ruptured eardrums).

Okay, okay that was sarcasm, but seriously I just wanted them to…

Apart from that it was all good man, I had a wicked time with my mates, taking photos, filming, dancing and having two days of complete escapism.

It was so funny to see how people’s demeanour changes when they see you’re filming or slyly taking a picture of them. What a weird feeling it was, being on the other side of the camera! haha!








DSC_4285 dmstamp


I was quite surprised to see Raury on the main stage as he’s still quite a newbie to the mainstream music scene and unfortunately for the talented singer-songwriter the dismal amount of “fans” in the crowd showed that (I think most were there to be at the front for the next act 🙁 ). Saying that though, he’s a great musician so I’m happy I got to see him perform live to see what all the Tumblr fuss surrounding him was all about. Also I missed the chance to see him on the Monday before Lovebox at Village Underground and didn’t realise he was headlining at Lovebox so it worked out alright. Raury is definitely an artist that will to rival the likes of Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino in future years with the right management behind him. He definitely has a interesting sound that in months to come I reckon will drum up masses of exposure for the green 19 year old!

sn: I adore his teeth and smile – such a cutie pie!

Listen to one of his tracks below: