After much procrastination (and being a pussy’ole) my friend Jolie finally dragged convinced me to join her in climbing one of Cape Town’s most renown mountains Lion’s Head – peaking at a staggering  669 metres high (2,195 ft) above sea level! Needless to say I was pooing myself but knew I couldn’t leave Cape Town again without climbing either Lion’s Head or Table Mountain, that would just be a shameful a waste of 6 months in this beautiful city!

(This hike actually occurred at the start of my second visit to Cape Town – bad I know!)

Jolie and I ended up hiking in the morning of 21st February around 10.30am which was a surprisingly nice way to start our day especially as afterwards we went straight to Café Extrablatt for a tasty full English Breakfast – my legs were shaking like MC Hammer so it was definitely needed! In the end it took us just over an hour to hike up the mountain and much less than that to hike back down again. So all in all two hours out of our morning that would have ordinarily been spent dribbling into our pillows – pretty decent! Of course when we got to the top we had to get those all important “I hiked up Lion’s Head aren’t I amazing” images! lol I knew I wouldn’t be climbing up again anyyyy time soon so I had to get the perfect pic – from different angles – with different poses! haha!

Don’t judge me…

HIKING TIPS: Make sure you bring enough water with you on the hike, I brought with me about a 1ltr of water and don’t forget a banana or chocolate bar for energy. Do not ever go hiking alone or with someone that does not know the safest route. Do not hike AT sunset it can be SO dangerous and I had heard that there can be Bergies lurking in bushes waiting for the perfect moment to mug you or worse! Ideally the best times to hike in South Africa in the summertime are either early in the morning just after sunrise or just before sunset. This is primarily due to the sun being pretty unbearable in and around midday and between 2pm-4pm. I mean, who wants to look like they have LITERALLY come from hell and back after a hike.

Anyone order extra crispy french fries?!

Ok ok, so most South African’s probably won’t be greatly impressed by this piece of information that I am about to deliver to you but I was so I am going to share it with you anyway! lol When I was walking around at the top of Lion’s Head I came into contact with a Hyrax which is, though it looks a bit like a cross between a rabbit, bear and rodent, a distant relative of the Elephant!!!! It looked so incredibly cute but as I took out my camera and started taking pictures of it eating a banana skin, it proceeded to open it’s mouth very slowly, dropping the banana skin on the floor and grimaced at me, looking as though it was about to rip my face off .

I really didn’t want to be forced to run off a cliff that day, so I edged away gracefully and cherished my life.

Cute right?! but nothing like an Elephant!

Cute right?! but nothing like an Elephant!

So happy I was able to capture this experience on film and hopefully will be doing more Vlogs of this sort that I can upload them to Discreet Muse in the near future!

Hope you enjoy!