Hello World & Welcome to Discreet Muse!



Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my brand spanking new website! I’m super happy that despite my continual bouts of procrastination I have finally created this hub of creativity for myself and hopefully others too in the future.

I had been talking about this project for a very long time with my peers, close friends and family and I suppose, although I knew it would be a great venture for me, there was something holding me back. Now, as I write this I am reminded that everything has its time and place and I guess the time for this new venture is now!

One thing I have come to realise is that in life you cannot force things; be it work, friendships, relationships, hell, even relieving yourself in the bathroom! When things are ready, it will work itself out and come together, perhaps not in a neat puzzle piece but in it’s own organic way when you are ready and not when you want it to be ready.


Discreet Muse is all about creativity in all aspects of the word and showcasing the many strings of ones bow, be it my own or even others who have inspired me in my current journey through life. There’s nothing I love more than someone who surprises me with a talent that perhaps just by looking at them, an onlooker would have never thought they were capable of.

I really hope you enjoy what I post on discreetmuse.com, and even if you don’t, just the fact that you are reading this means a lot to me!

Well, here goes everything…

 – Discreet Muse